The Anti-Epidemic Footprint of Prof. Wang Guonian—— A Teacher and Volunteer from the School of Foreign Languages of CUG at Wuhan



Since the unfolding of the epidemic prevention and control work, all the faculty and staff from the School of Foreign Languages of China University of Geosciences at Wuhan (CUGSFL) have been working together to combat the novel coronavirus. Facing a war without smoke, many volunteer Party members of CUGSFL volunteered to combat the virus for both our school and university as fearless commandos by taking the initiative in seeking for relief material from outside and offering help to others.

Today, why don’t you follow the volunteering footprint of Prof. Wang Guonian, the branch secretary and vice director of the College English Teaching and Research Section One of CUGSFL and get closer to this frontline warrior.

January 20 is the 26th day of the 12th lunar month, and the Great Cold (24th solar term). Prof. Wang finally decided not to return to his hometown for the Spring Festival, but to stay in Wuhan, with the hope of helping contain the spread of the virus, which will be of great help to his family and the society.

The above photo records his video call from the Eastlake Greenway with his mother who lives in their hometown, and she supported his decision of staying in Wuhan during the outbreak. Prof. Wang and his family have been wearing masks since early January and were among the first in Wuhan to take protective measures.

On January 23, the 29th of the 12th lunar month, in implementing the order of city lockdown, city transportation of all forms were suspended, with all gateway outing Wuhan to other places shutdown. Prof. Wang said upon hearing the news, his could not help but shed tears, since what he feared the most become a reality. After wiping away his tears, he started with his first item on his volunteering campaign: interviewing more than a dozen alumni of CUGSFL around the globe in English, who were invited to share their feelings and wishes at that moment. The English interview transcript and recording were published the next day (Chinese New Year’s Eve), on a Wechat public account called “Zheng Xinmin on English Teaching and Research”, which is established by Prof. Zheng from Shanghai International Studies University (

This interview had attracted messages of loads of subscribers of that public account and warm encouragement for Wuhan. A week later, on January 30, Prof. Wang wrote and led the reading of a bilingual poem named “I’m Going Nowhere, Wuhan” (, which was again a headline post on that public account and with over 20,000 hits. Through his own words and voice, Prof. Wang expressed his confidence and expectation in winning this battle against the epidemic, bringing comfort and hope to those who stayed in the city.

In late January, with very limited medical supplies in Wuhan. Prof. Wang contacted Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co, Ltd. For donation, where his junior high school classmate works, with 1000 quick testing reagents for the detection of influenza A virus and influenza B virus, worth over 10,000 yuan, flowed to the infirmary of the university. Donated materials were collected by Prof. Wang and then transferred to the labor union of CUG on January 29th.

Those reagents can help to diagnose whether the suspected patients are infected with influenza A virus, influenza B virus or other viruses within 30 minutes, thus can effectively increase the screening rates of fever and suspected pneumonia, and win precious time for the treatment for diagnosed patients.

On February 4, Prof. Wang volunteered to unload supplies. The Southeast University branch of the German alumni association of CUG donated anti-epidemic medical supplies that were in shortage to 11 medical institutions in Wuhan. As members of the first batch of volunteers of the university, Prof. Zhang Hongyan and Prof. Wang participated in the work of unloading, checking, allocating and signing for the supplies.

All volunteers were grouped together by their sense of mission to tide over difficulties together!

On February 6, Prof. Wang reached out for more supplies. In his efforts, Yuanguangruikang Foundation made a targeted donation of 200 kg medical alcohol, which was in shortage, during the epidemic to CUG at Wuhan.

This photo records the second batch of anti-epidemic supplies flowed to the university with Prof. Wang’s efforts.

On February 15, the heavy rain changed into snow. Many teachers were facing shortages of vegetables and other supplies. After Prof. Wang learned of the situation, he worked with the teachers in charge of CUGSFL to help the teachers who live in the sealed buildings to purchase online. As a volunteer, he sent the supplies to each community regardless of snow, and distributed them to each teacher’s door together with other volunteers in relay.

From February 15 to 17, Prof. Wang had been busy with fundraising. He took an active part in the project launched by of Beijing Foreign Studies University branch of the German CUG alumni association, which aimed at caring for frontline female health workers. Within three days, 37200 yuan had been donated by his alumni, friends, colleagues and old classmates from CUG at Wuhan (the School of Foreign Languages included) and Wuhan University, and all transferred to the project team.

The first batch of tampons raised by the project had been brought to 1021 frontline nurses in five targeted hospitals including Tongji Hospital in late February (, so that they could be in better shape while they are in menstruation and more focused on the treatment of patients in severe condition s.

On March 4, Prof. Wang got the third batch of medical supplies (including 200 FFP2 masks, 200 medical protective masks and 1200 pairs of surgical rubber gloves) for the university with great efforts, and later went to the site to take the goods by a car designated to haul supplies during the epidemic.


Meanwhile, his caring were always with his hometown folks. He did what he can to solicit a considerable number of supplies for a remote hospital designated to treat pneumonia, which locates in Hongshan Town, Sui County.

Charity works and acts of kindness are infectious. From the late January to early February (before the university was shut), although it had been freezing outside, Prof. Wang rode an electric bike to visit Madam Luan (a vegetable vendor), located down the hill near the university. He shuttled between two her place and the campus. Donated vegetables were sent timely to 8 teachers of CUGSFL who live on campus and 10 households on the Eastern Campus.

Over 75 kg vegetables, which worth nearly 1000 yuan, were donated by Madam Luan. She said that inspired by Prof. Wang’s volunteering efforts, she also wanted to do her part to help teachers to overcome difficulties.

In face of the epidemic, Prof. Wang and e other volunteers of CUGSFL always kept their original aspiration, took on their mission, and made concerted efforts with no fear of difficulties. With compassion and kindness, they went to the frontline and contributed their own strength to the epidemic prevention and control of the university and the School of Foreign Languages.

We believe that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, all the CUGers and the people of Wuhan will score victory over the epidemic soon!


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